We are iFun4all, we are the mood makers, and we use Real-World Data to affect the gameplay!

iFun4all is a game development studio from Krakow, Poland. We create immersive games with unique artstyles, and innovative gameplay affected by Real-World Data – information taken from the real world (time, weather, etc.).
Our games were featured by Apple in ‘Best New Games’ category in App Store around the world (100+ countries at the same time), hand-picked by IndieCade Festival jury, and nominated to Indie Prize at Casual Connect USA. We were also chosen to pitch our games at Big Indie Mixer at Develop, Very Big Indie Pitch at PGConnects and Big Indie Pitch at Berlin Games Week. We are also a proud IndiePlus 2016 finalist!

Green Game: TimeSwapper

No time to die! You are a master of time. Set it to past, present or future to control various mechanisms and traps. Make sure that the mechanical bird isn’t sliced, squashed or crushed, while traversing a hostile, mechanical Green world. // Read More

Red Game Without a Great Name

Fly, Die, Retry! It’s a challenging 2D puzzle arcade game where you play as a mechanical bird traversing a hostile steampunk Red world. Prepare to die a lot on barbed wire, spikes, and sawblades. Your only means of survival is your ability to teleport! // Read More