Halls of Horror Board Game: Game Development and Inspirations Part 1

Halls of Horror started out as a paper prototype for a video game. From there, it took two divergent, but closely knit paths towards becoming a better experience in the online multiplayer space and the tabletop. Join the game’s designer, Krzysztof Zięba, for a journey through the game’s development and how we got to where […]

Being a (pure evil) business developer #10: Y’all, care to get yourself spooked out in the Ol’ Weird West?

Good morning dear readers, how are you? It’s my first (pure evil) business developer’s blog post this year, so I should probably be writing about the great prospects this new 2019 will bring, new trends, platforms, plans for the next 12 months etc. It’s all very interesting and tempting, but our head of marketing asked […]

Being a (pure evil) business developer #7: industry events survival guide

Hello dear readers, how are you? I don’t expect many of you to read this new blog post, as probably most of you, my dear poor business developers, are attending one of the numerous industry events somewhere (Seattle at the moment I guess), feeling both the excitement, connected to experiencing new meeting, meeting new people […]

Weird, Weird West

Western as a genre has always been close to the realm of pure fantasy. When you try to imagine the American frontier, it’s hard to see anything but a neverending wave of shootouts, bank robberies and stagecoach chases, a land of lawlessness and violence. And yet, the more you read about the history of USA, […]

Being a (pure evil) business developer #6: children of the revolution

My dear readers, Last time I have discussed reasons to go to E3, taking under consideration its current state and form, boasted a super awesome, lucrative deal we at iFun4all have signed with Microsoft to solely develop a Mixer-exclusive title and wrote a little bit about new, interesting directions the indie industry is taking, because […]

Break On Through (To The Other Side)

It’s been eight years since wonderful Kieron Gillen said his farewells to videogame criticism, cautioning all aspiring writers that „games journalism isn’t a career for life yet”. The main takeaway from his (still excellent, still timely) final post on the subject is that only a passionate fool would stick with this career for too long […]