Hello world!

Our new website is live. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re happy with the new direction we have taken. Most of all we’re happy about the blog section, which will enable us to tell you more about the games we’re making, show you how we work, and even ask you for feedback. We want to be in direct contact with you – people, who play our games.
In case you don’t know who we are, let us briefly tell you about iFun4all. The studio was established in 2009 as Bloober Team’s subsidiary. Never heard of Bloober Team? What planet do you live on? Those guys created one of the best horrors out there – Layers of Fear.
iFun4all started as a company focusing on casual games, but the way of our thinking quickly changed and now we’re working on core titles for PCs, consoles and mobiles.
Be sure to visit our website for regular development updates. We’re almost ready to talk about our next project. Meanwhile we encourage you to try our previous games!